Ez Vape Vaporizer Temperature Control

An absolutely essential and indispensable component that is missing from most of the common vaporizers available in the market today is a temperature control provision. Fortunately, this feature is available in the Ez Vape digital vaporizer. You may wonder what the use of a temperature adjuster is. After all, the vaporizer is not an iron to require a thermostat! You will be amazed at how important the function of temperature adjustment actually is.

Ez Vape vaporizer Temperature ControlThe main question is, “why does the temperature need to be modified frequently?” The answer lies in the fact that different herbs that you may want to use require different ranges of optimum temperatures at which they will effectively turn into pure vapors. Wondering what might be the reason behind this? Well, it is because different herbs have different moisture content and density. They are just like human beings in this aspect. Each one is not the same as the other and there are a variety of temperatures that are required. Just like human emotions!

The perfest temperature for vaporization

If the temperature is higher than the recommended temperature, then the effect produced might appear the same to you. But actually, along with the main psychoactive component of the herb, some other substances may also start vaporizing or even partially combusting. This might not be that safe in the long run. If the temperature is too high when compared to the optimum level, you might end up burning all of your herbs instead of vaporizing them gently. You will get an undesirable charred mass instead of delightful white vapors! If the temperature is lower than the vaporizing temperature of the material in question, some of it might still vaporize and give out a cloudy mist. It is the same as when water starts vaporizing before the boiling point is reached. But in this case, there is a risk of some of the herbs going to waste without completely vaporizing.

The best answer to the above mentioned tri faceted problem is the provision of a temperature controller in the electric vaporizer. The Ez Vape herbal vaporizer is conveniently affixed with such a versatile provision. With the help of this, you can now modify the temperature depending on the material that you use. For instance, in the case of medical marijuana, the active ingredient THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) needs to be targeted and then vaporized. The ideal temperature for this would be around 360F-370F, even though the complete vaporizing point of THC is at 392F. Some other substances like eucalyptus (266F), sage (288F), thyme (374F), lavender (266F), hops (309F) and chamomile (374F) have different optimum temperatures. You can now place your material in the glass whip and then start experimenting with the temperatures in order to find the right one. Just place a really small quantity of substance in the heating element for this purpose. Once you are sure that you are satisfied with the effect, you can start using the actual quantities of herbs.

In this way, any material or herb or oil can be vaporized effectively to obtain the utmost benefits of the active ingredients. In this way the Ez Vape marijuana vaporizer is quite flexible and versatile to use. The electric vaporizer would be crippled without this attractive feature embedded into it. Use the temperature adjuster carefully and effectively to milk out all the goodness from your favorite herb. Be able to use any number of herbs with the same Ez Vape electric vaporizer and enjoy the pristine experiences.